Services at our Hospital

Diabetic foot is our focus area. We provide following services at our Diabetic Limb Salvage Centre.
  • Primary Care
  • Secondary Care
  • Tertiary Care

I.Preventive :

Risk Categorisation Low risk Feet Medium risk Feet High risk Feet
OPD Visits Every 6 month Every 3 month Every month
Investigations Dynamic X-ray & L.L arterial Doppler/ yearly Dynamic X-ray & L.L arterial Doppler/ yearly Dynamic X-ray & L.L arterial Doppler/ 6 month

Feet Exam : Foot Wear Exam :
Skin care Insole
Nail Care Outer sole
Callus Care Custom made
PNP Assessment Orthotic support
PVD Assessment Change of insole every 6 months

DM Patient Education regarding Diabetic Foot Care

Foot Care Tips Booklet Exercise Tips Foot Wear Tips Life style Modification
Daily Examination of foot Walking / jogging / running only for Grade 0 & Grade1 feet Preventive Foot Wear for low risk feet No smoking control of HTN Control of Blood Sugar Control of Hyperlipidaemia for all DM pts
Dos & Don'ts Walking only for medium risk feet Preventive Foot Wear for medium risk Feet Avoid upright posture for high risk feet
Foot wear at home & office Static Cycling, Swimming for High risk Feet Custom made foot wear for High risk feet Reduce the steps to 5000/day for high risk feet

Key Facts

  • 366 million people have diabetes in 2011; by 2030 this will have risen to 552 million
  • The number of people with type 2 diabetes is increasing in every country
  • 80% of people with diabetes live in low- and middle-income countries
  • The greatest number of people with diabetes are between 40 to 59 years of age
  • 183 million people (50%) with diabetes are undiagnosed
  • Diabetes caused 4.6 million deaths in 2011
  • Diabetes caused at least USD 465 billion dollars in healthcare expenditures in 2011; 11% of total healthcare expenditures in adults (20-79 years)
  • 78,000 children develop type 1 diabetes every year