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My Mom Is My Inspiration !

Sou. Mandakini Vasudevrao. Kari.

1942 - 1990

To this day my mom is a great motivation in my life. She has always stood by me on my positive decisions and confronted me on the negative ones. The biggest lesson I have learnt from her is discipline. My mom has been an epitome of religious beliefs, values, morals accompanied with the right dose of positive attitudes and discipline to round it off.

The most oft asked question to me by people who know about 'Sou. Mandakini Memorial Hospital, Diabetic Limb Salvage Centre', is why have you chosen your motherís name for the hospital? The answer seems very simple, just because she is my mom. But the real reason is deep rooted, sensitive and close to my heart. My momís graciousness and spirit of generosity has played such an important role in shaping and preparing me for my own adult life, that, I just could not think of any other name for my Diabetic Limb Salvage Centre, than Sou. Mandakini. My heart fills with joy and pride to be her son whose blessings and privileges I have felt and sensed in every walk of my life.

Sou. Mandakini Memorial Diabetic Limb Salvage Hospital was born out of the vision and wish that my mother had. That was, to put to use the competencies and skills I had, to try and make this world a better place and to make a small difference in everyoneís life by rendering my services to society.

I take this occasion as an opportunity to thank and honor my mom. Her ideals will linger on and on in the form of Sou. Mandakini Memorial Diabetic Limb Salvage Hospital.

I thank her from the bottom of my heart for bestowing countless acts of love and compassion towards others without being overbearing about her own entity and making me the person I am today. Her ideals and principles has touched my life and lit a path for me to follow.

Her mark on this world now lives on through the work of Sou. Mandakini Hospital Diabetic Limb Salvage Centre.

I dedicate all my work in the field of DF to my mother whose love has always been unconditional and selfless.

Founder - Sou. Mandakini Memorial Hospital