Dr. Sunil Kari




I accepted the grand challenge of DF salvage since 1994.I have focused my work on DF surgeries since 18 yrs. This new field has taught me newer pathophysiology, tissue behaviour, altered foot biomechanics in Diabetes . This is the only field in Surgical speciality needs clinical as well as radiological evidence of healing in Foot. Surgeon has to plan functional limb salvage surgical approaches & keep the foot ulcer free .

DF Limb salvage rate at our Hospital has been more than 90% for Neuropathic & neuroischemic feet. Ischemic DF are subjected for vascular workup & salvage rate of 85% achieved.

My goal is to achieve 100% limb salvage by educating patients, relations, care takers, Paramedical staff, Doctors ,Specialists regarding DF & its complications. Prevention is the key.

Management & treatment of DFU, DFI, Renal Foot, Vascular Foot, Charcot’s Foot, MDR Foot, HIV with DFI, Osteomyelitis in DF & Necrotising Fasciitis have compelled me to update on Biofilm, Wound Healing, offloading [Preop -post-op, In-shoe], tissue & Bone C/S specific antibiotics, to achieve 100% salvage at my Hospital.

I sincerely thank my Diabetologist who worked hard to achieve tight glycemic control & metabolic corrections.

I thank Dr. Arun Bal, Dr. Sharad Phendse, Dr. VBN Murthy, Dr. K.Suresh, Dr. Vijay Vishwanathan who guided me to achieve maximum salvage rate in DF.

Dr. Sunil Kari.
Founder - Sou. Mandakini Hospital

Dr. Sunil Kari Awarded Gold Medal for Mandakini Diabetic Heel Footwear