• Hello Sir, I have very great respect towards you sir, you are one of the Best Doctor I have ever seen in my life. Currently my father is taking treatment from you and our family so thankful to your concern towards patients and the way you treat them in immense

  • Hello sir Good evening sir . I am just finished my MS General surgery. I wish to undergo training in DF management in your guidance sir . Kindly give me details for joining sir. Thank you sir

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  • Respected sir, i am a general surgeon practising at a taluka place in maharashtra. After attending your lectures at Aurangabad and going through your wonderful website, i have developed a keen interest in this topic. I would be honoured if you permitted me to visit your hospital as an observer so that i can start a similar clinic in my hospital. Could you suggest any books on this topic? regards!

  • respected sir, i am a plastic surgeon from salem ,Tamil Nadu.i and my friend plastic surgeon Dr.Arul sivakumar met you at the diabetic foot society con.chandigarh. we were very much astonished by your dedication and sincerity in salvaging diabetic foot. we would like to visit your centre around january 26. will it be possible for you to accept us as obsevers. Thanking you Dr S.sivakumar

    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    appreciate u r interest in limb on my cell 9845363923 on 22nd jan. Sunil

  • Dear Dr.KARI, my heartiest congratulations to were the show stopper in kodaikanal last Saturday & sunday during DFEP. excellent presentation.very good material.simply superb.

  • Respected Sir,I feel fortunate enough to attend your nice presentation today at KGMU, Lucknow and am very impressed with your passion and energy towards your work. I greatly respect you for your honesty and integrity and nice work for the problem of a common man.. i would love to come over to your Hospital for Training and Learning to improve my skills.hope to work closely with you sir.thanks again sir for coming to KGMU,lucknow.waiting for DFU training course at your reputed institute...

    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    Dear Dr.Arvind I will be visiting Lucknow on 1st & 2nd March.I have 4 lectures on DFU/DFI & case discussion at SGPGI.U can plan to attend DF CME.Keep in touch regards Dr.Sunil

  • Respected Dr Sunil. thank you so much for your great great input on Diabetic Foot care and making the Mandakani Offloading system widely available for wound care Providers like me in developing countries like Malaysia. i would love to come over to your Hospital for Training and Learning to improve my skills and share it with all my Malaysian wound care colleague for the best of our patients here. hope to work closely with you Doctor. Best regards and cheers.

    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    Thank U Dr.Naidu Planning to start training in Df wound management CME classes.I will mail u d details Regards Sunil

  • Asif wrote:

    Dear Sir., Alhamdulillah !!! U r mind-blowing Sir.. INSHA ALLAH, Let ALLAH TAA"LA guide u in your Missions.. AMEEN.

  • kushal wrote:

    Thanks for the video. We are preparing for glove offloads. Please add whatsup applicatiob to your phone. I am sending pic by mail.

  • hi sunil. knowing u and following ur work for the last 4 years. first time that i really went into the details of your site. u have truly put in a lot of efforts. keep up. u may also start putting and updating antibiotic and treatment protocols so that there can be a lot of debate and thinking on that issue. as i mentioned to u in hyderabad, i wud like to visit u and ur center at hubli. regards tushar

    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    Do visit our Hospital.Thanx.Sunil

  • Dear Dr. Kari, It was my privelege to meet you in person. Really got impressed with the dedication and interest with which you are working for the management of Diabetic Foot Infections and Ulcers. Looking forward to partner along with you in Year 2013, will discuss with you shortly.

    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    Thnx Rohit.

  • Dr Nelogal wrote:

    I feel fortunate enough to have met you and was very impressed with your passion and energy towards your work. I greatly respect you for your honesty and integrity. Hubli is honoured to have doctor like you.keep going sir, God bless you more energy. Thank you. Dr Nelogal ,Ranebennur.

    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:


  • Nice to see good work being done here. Inida is world leader in Diabetes (or it is going to be one). Majority of Indian patients are not living in Major Cities. There is a big gap in getting 'proper' treatment for these diabetics with a foot involvement due to paucity of appropriate services to them. People like you are doing a great job in bridging this gap. ------ Sincerely, Dr.Satish Kumar

    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    Thnx Dr.Satish.Sunil

  • Great Sirji, Congrats. All the best for your dedicated work. Your greate srevice is needed for society. God bless you sir.

  • SHASHANK wrote:

    good work up Needs lot of guts & courage to face the situation wishing u great success shanku

  • Dear Dr. Sunil Kari, The presentation is excellent and truly informative. On behalf of Supreme Healthcare & Supad, I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors and our team would love to contribute to your success stories.


    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    Dear Milind Thank U.Any suggestion to improvise the website always welcome. Sunil

  • Dr Sunil, Congrats! You have come up with an excellent website. Very informative and neat presentation. You will be a blessing to many diabetic patients. My family and I really admire you for whole hearted dedication and commitment to the patients. No exaggeration "You are rare breed". Your words of comfort, encouragement and counsel that you give to the tensed up patient is very rarely seen these days in the medical world, atleast in Hubli. Keep doing the good work that you have begun. Jacob, 39 Viviekanad Colony, Keshwapur, Hubli 8050466879

    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    Mr.Jacob ThanQ. Sunil

  • GURURAJ wrote:

    Dear Sir, It's Great Service To The Diabetic Poppulation, Wish To Get Support And Admire From Medical Freternity For This, Great Work Sir.

    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    Dear Gururaj Thnx,keep updating doctors about our website regards sunil

  • Deepti wrote:

    Grand salute to you, sir for ur great deeds.

    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    I appreciate u r interest in limb salvage. regards. Sunil

  • dear sunil excellent work done by you. your wave site is very informative. again congratulations & keep it up. Dr. Rajnish Saxena Saxena Diabetes & Foot Care Centre Bhajan Ganj, Ajmer ( Raj.)

    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    Dear Dr.Saxen Thanks.Keep updating on Website. Regards Sunil


    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    Dear Dr.Naik Thank u keep following website for updates on new interesting cases. Sunil

  • Rspected Dr, You are doing an excelent work,as we all know, india will be a HUB of diabetic patient by 2020, I hope your service to the mankind in future is very important. I realy feel the work you have done is excellent, and by obseving this, this will become one of major specility in india. thanks sir.

    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    Thank u Dr.Vijendrakumar. India is facing this DF sunami.We have to share our experiences to salvage these high risk Diabetic limbs. Keep in touch.Follow new updates on Website regards Sunil

  • Nishant wrote:

    Excellent work sir... people like you are needed for the society.... you are very Dynamic and keep goin on

    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    Thank u Nishant. I will be updating the web regularly with new interesting DF cases.Kindly keep in touch Any suggestions to improve website ? regards Sunil

  • s v patil wrote:

    dear sunil, excellant work,good information made available about DF.keep going all the best.

    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    Dear SV U have been a great supporter. i need u r good wishes to complete my mission on limb salvage in Diabetes cheers Sunil

  • cograts great job keep updating

    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    Tank Q Cheers, Sunil

  • Dear sunil, Excellent presentation of your dedicated work. I surely take pride in your achievements. Can you allot little more time to read the text of the images? Good luck for all your future projects.

    Dr.Sunil Kari replied:

    Thanks for the support.You Tube movies can be paused & text can be read comfortably. cheers Sunil

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